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MENORCA - Travel Diary #3

~ Day 5 ⧫ 14/07/17 ⧫ ULTIMATE chill day ~ Now, that title may have been a white lie, but in all my innocence, Thursday was one of the chilled days we had. As a true homebody at heart, it would be detrimental to the homebody community to not spend at least half of one day at "home" so we or I did. Noticing some slight aggravation to my skin on Thursday I decided to give the chlorine miss because I was determined eczema wouldn't ruin my holiday. It was quite surprising as I've had quite a good six months with no big set backs but I soon realised that was probably due to being all pumped up on steroids after a couple of chest infections. Anyway! Quite a tangent that was but I like to be thorough in explanations!!!

Friday morning started off late for my family as we were quite exhausted from the past nights comedic goings on. We took our time getting dressed and going to breakfast then strolled down to the Marina where we did some tourist-ing. This consisted of taking …

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