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Performing Arts - My Experience - 4 Weeks In

Wow, four weeks have passed since I joined this course and I am determined to keep up with these types of post. As I've probably said a million times, It really would have helped me when choosing what course to take for college. And I'm definitely going to be using the same adjectives from another post because not a lot has changed for me, I'm just hoping to enlighten you more!

First of all, I have NEVER BEEN THIS TIRED. And I'm not kidding. I get Monday and Wednesday afternoons off and I am not joking when I say there is a 60% chance of mid afternoon naps happening here every week. It seems that my timetable gives me four incredibly busy and high pace days that flash by like a whirl wind, and three very chill but also course work packed days. So just because I'm in bed on those three days, doesn't mean I'm not working my fingers to the bone. Now, I bet that sounds like a very intense description and it's not all bad because while I'm absolutely ex…

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